Terrific Plant Ideas for the Front of Your House – An Extensive Guide


The front of your house serves as the first impression guests or passers-by have of your home. To ensure this first impression is a lasting one, incorporating beautiful plant ideas is paramount. With well-selected, eye-catching greens, flowers, and shrubs, you can create an inviting environment that accentuates your dwelling. But with a myriad of options available, choosing the right plants for the front of your house can be quite challenging. This article provides a comprehensive guide on fantastic plant ideas for the front of your house that will boost the curb appeal all year round.

Low Maintenance Shrubs for Front of House

Low maintenance shrubs are a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the front of your house without demanding much maintenance. Boxwood shrubs, for instance, are sturdy evergreens known for their brilliant green leaves. They are versatile and can be crafted into intricate topiaries or simple bushes according to your style. Other alternatives include Mountain Laurel for beautiful blossoms and Inkberry Holly for excellent winter interest.

Perennials Flowers: A Burst of Colour

Perennials are magnificent, long-lasting flowering plants ideal for the front of your house. Their colourful blooms and attractive foliage make them an excellent choice. Consider daylilies which provide vibrant hues and are easy to care for, making them a suitable choice for your house’s front. Similarly, Phlox and Astilbes can also be employed to add a splash of colour. Layer these flowers according to their height to create visual interest.

Grasses for Texture

Grasses are excellent for adding texture and diversity to the front landscaping of your house. Ornamental grasses, like Blue Oat Grass and Ribbon Grass, are unique additions due to their distinct shades and forms. They sway gently with the wind, delivering an array of sensory experiences and movement to your design.

Trees for Front of House: Framework and Shade

Trees are fantastic for creating structure and shade in front of your house. Small to medium-sized trees like Japanese Maple Trees or Dogwood Trees make a great statement and provide impressive colour changes throughout the seasons. Ensure the chosen trees do not obstruct the view or entrance and do not grow too large over time.

Vines for Vertical Interest

For a bit of vertical interest, climbing vines are a fantastic choice. With their ability to climb walls, trellises, or fences, they add an interesting dynamic. Consider vine plants like Clematis with their vibrant flowers,or Boston Ivy for its beautiful fall color.

Blending the Ideas: Design Tips

While planting, it’s crucial to have a design in mind. Always create depth by layering flowers and shrubs according to their growth heights. Add variety with different plant types, colours, and textures for visual interest. Mix and match plants according to their sunlight preferences and water needs to ensure plant health and vibrancy.

In conclusion, finding the right plants and creatively incorporating them into the front of your house can yield impressive results. Whether you opt for low-maintenance shrubs, colourful perennials, or the textured grace of grasses, the ideas shared here will undoubtedly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Implement these plant ideas to have the most alluring front house façade.

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