Swelling (Lymphedema) and Cancer

As the title suggests, lymphedema is swelling. It usually occurs when lymph nodes are removed or the lymphatic system is damaged in some way. Damaged or blocked lymph nodes are unable to process the lymph (lymphatic fluid) that flows throughout our bodies normally, and the liquid begins to collect. Thus, we get swelling. How is…… Continue reading Swelling (Lymphedema) and Cancer

Cutaneous Lymphoma: Later Stage Treatments Webinar

Coming up Friday, April 16, at 6:00 pm EDT the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (CLF) will hold an online webinar via Zoom discussing later stage treatments for this group of cancers. If you have CTCL, cutaneous b-cell lymphoma, any of the other cuteneous lymphomas, or one of the systemic cancers which manifests in the skin, the…… Continue reading Cutaneous Lymphoma: Later Stage Treatments Webinar