Humor – Coping Mechanism, Anti-Doldrums Agent

I was planning on putting together a lengthier post on the subject of humor as a coping tool, and I still may. However, l feel like posting something now. I was recently reminded of my transplant experience, which made me chuckle. I know that doesn’t sound like a funny memory, but with the high stakes…… Continue reading Humor – Coping Mechanism, Anti-Doldrums Agent

Coping Tools – Getting Creative

I posted several weeks ago about journaling, one of the coping tools I’ve been using to help me deal with the many challenges I’ve faced since being diagnosed with lymphoma. Quite a few of my fellow cancer bloggers have done the same. However, given the sheer number of difficult circumstances – side effects, multiple recurrences…… Continue reading Coping Tools – Getting Creative

Coping Tools – Journaling

Receiving a life-changing diagnosis is exactly that, and it creates ripples (sometimes tidal waves) throughout a person’s life. One of the most difficult facets of the experience for me has been the ever-present uncertainty. There’s never a guarantee a particular treatment will work. You don’t know what side effects you’re going to experience – how…… Continue reading Coping Tools – Journaling