CAR-T Approved for Multiple Myeloma

Earlier this year, the FDA announced approval of a CAR-T treatment for adults with Multiple Myeloma. Good news for those affected by the disease, which represents up to 32,000 new diagnoses annually in the U.S. according the National Cancer Institute. This chimeric antigen receptor t-cell treatment (CAR-T) is being called Abecma by it’s maker, Celgene…… Continue reading CAR-T Approved for Multiple Myeloma

TIL Therapy Showing Promise

Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte (TIL) therapy is reportedly showing promise as an immunotherapy treatment. What the heck is a tumor infiltrating lymphocyte? It’s pretty much what it sounds like, a white blood cell that has managed to make it’s way into a cancer tumor. Why is that interesting? Well, in part because many cancers are slick…… Continue reading TIL Therapy Showing Promise