Blood Cancer and MRD Discussion

After my first successful chemotherapy regimen, I remember the meeting with my oncologist very well. My PET scan came back clear of disease. I was psyched. I was ready to celebrate! But my doctor was surprisingly guarded. Instead of using the word remission (the word I was saying over and over), she chose instead to…… Continue reading Blood Cancer and MRD Discussion

Find Your (Cancer) Tribe

If you’re newly diagnosed, you probably have a tribe already – your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. You may think you’re set with a robust support system in place. While your current tribe will be an important part of your cancer journey, trust me, it’s a different kind of clan you need now. You don’t…… Continue reading Find Your (Cancer) Tribe

Blood Cancer and the Covid Vaccine

It’s been a question circulating among patients for months now. Can the Covid vaccines work in an immune system challenged by cancer? Cancer patients weren’t included in the original studies of the vaccines. I can understand why. They were trying to ascertain if and how well the inoculations worked on the general population, and the…… Continue reading Blood Cancer and the Covid Vaccine