CAR-T Approved for Multiple Myeloma

Earlier this year, the FDA announced approval of a CAR-T treatment for adults with Multiple Myeloma. Good news for those affected by the disease, which represents up to 32,000 new diagnoses annually in the U.S. according the National Cancer Institute. This chimeric antigen receptor t-cell treatment (CAR-T) is being called Abecma by it’s maker, Celgene…… Continue reading CAR-T Approved for Multiple Myeloma

Who to Trust With Your New Diagnosis

You’re leaving your doctor’s office. He or she has just given you the results of your biopsy. You have cancer! You feel light-headed. Tiny beads of sweat begin breaking out across your brow as a terrible churning starts in the pit of your stomach. You’re making your way out the door trying to wear a…… Continue reading Who to Trust With Your New Diagnosis

Purdue Study – Undruggable Cancer Protein in the Crosshairs

‘Undruggable’ cancer protein becomes druggable, thanks to shrub by Brittany Steff originally appeared at WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A chemist from Purdue University has found a way to synthesize a compound to fight a previously “undruggable” cancer protein with benefits across a myriad of cancer types. Inspired by a rare compound found in a…… Continue reading Purdue Study – Undruggable Cancer Protein in the Crosshairs

Cancer Survivor Heading To Space

It’s so great to see cancer survivors following their dreams! Isn’t it? Fans of The Voice on NBC and regular readers of this blog will already know that a former leukemia patient, Andrew Marshall, did quite well this season. He survived all the initial rounds on the popular singing competition – battles, knockouts, etc. –…… Continue reading Cancer Survivor Heading To Space