Humor – Coping Mechanism, Anti-Doldrums Agent

I was planning on putting together a lengthier post on the subject of humor as a coping tool, and I still may. However, l feel like posting something now. I was recently reminded of my transplant experience, which made me chuckle. I know that doesn’t sound like a funny memory, but with the high stakes…… Continue reading Humor – Coping Mechanism, Anti-Doldrums Agent

Sarcoma Awareness Month

A sarcoma diagnosis is rare in adults but fairly prevalent among children with cancer. The disease forms in various types of connective tissue and can therefore arise almost anywhere in the body. While sarcomas can sometimes be eradicated with currently available treatments – surgery, chemotherapy, radiation – roughly 50% of cases don’t respond. Thus, it’s…… Continue reading Sarcoma Awareness Month

The Curse of the Covid Weight Gain

Am I allowed to blame Covid-19 for the unfortunate change to my body mass index over the past year? I think it’s warranted! Yes, I know I’ve been responsible for putting food into my own mouth regularly. And I realize I could possibly have pushed a little harder to get more exercise. But wait! Hear…… Continue reading The Curse of the Covid Weight Gain

Coping Tools – Getting Creative

I posted several weeks ago about journaling, one of the coping tools I’ve been using to help me deal with the many challenges I’ve faced since being diagnosed with lymphoma. Quite a few of my fellow cancer bloggers have done the same. However, given the sheer number of difficult circumstances – side effects, multiple recurrences…… Continue reading Coping Tools – Getting Creative