The Curse of the Covid Weight Gain

Am I allowed to blame Covid-19 for the unfortunate change to my body mass index over the past year? I think it’s warranted! Yes, I know I’ve been responsible for putting food into my own mouth regularly. And I realize I could possibly have pushed a little harder to get more exercise. But wait! Hear…… Continue reading The Curse of the Covid Weight Gain

Personal Protective Equipment From My Storage Chest

The other day I was rummaging around a storage chest for an old book I needed to consult in a current work project. I won’t go into the details of the book – nothing too exciting, I assure you. As I dug through my storage toward the target book, I ran across a small box…… Continue reading Personal Protective Equipment From My Storage Chest

Coping Tools – Journaling

Receiving a life-changing diagnosis is exactly that, and it creates ripples (sometimes tidal waves) throughout a person’s life. One of the most difficult facets of the experience for me has been the ever-present uncertainty. There’s never a guarantee a particular treatment will work. You don’t know what side effects you’re going to experience – how…… Continue reading Coping Tools – Journaling

The Covid Vaccine and Me

There has been a lot of chatter among the cancer patients I know about how the Covid-19 vaccines might affect them. Some have been worried side effects could be more virulent in people whose immune systems are already embattled. As a result, the message boards, online communities, and socially distant patient support groups have been…… Continue reading The Covid Vaccine and Me