Avoid Online Drama

Ironic though this subject may seem for a cancer blog, it’s an important one to discuss. The development and rise of the online world has proven a tremendous boon for patients. The internet is being used more and more to provide information, assistance, services, and even care. Just like any technology, however, the internet can…… Continue reading Avoid Online Drama

Coping Tools – Journaling

Receiving a life-changing diagnosis is exactly that, and it creates ripples (sometimes tidal waves) throughout a person’s life. One of the most difficult facets of the experience for me has been the ever-present uncertainty. There’s never a guarantee a particular treatment will work. You don’t know what side effects you’re going to experience – how…… Continue reading Coping Tools – Journaling

Leukemia Survivor Competes on The Voice

I know this is a cancer blog not an entertainment website! Don’t worry, I haven’t become confused. BUT, I was just streaming the latest episode of The Voice when I got a pleasant surprise. A contestant named Andrew Marshall was heading into the battle rounds. In advance of the performance, the show ran backstory snippets…… Continue reading Leukemia Survivor Competes on The Voice

Blood Cancer and MRD Discussion

After my first successful chemotherapy regimen, I remember the meeting with my oncologist very well. My PET scan came back clear of disease. I was psyched. I was ready to celebrate! But my doctor was surprisingly guarded. Instead of using the word remission (the word I was saying over and over), she chose instead to…… Continue reading Blood Cancer and MRD Discussion

Find Your (Cancer) Tribe

If you’re newly diagnosed, you probably have a tribe already – your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. You may think you’re set with a robust support system in place. While your current tribe will be an important part of your cancer journey, trust me, it’s a different kind of clan you need now. You don’t…… Continue reading Find Your (Cancer) Tribe