Leukemia Survivor Competes on The Voice

I know this is a cancer blog not an entertainment website! Don’t worry, I haven’t become confused. BUT, I was just streaming the latest episode of The Voice when I got a pleasant surprise. A contestant named Andrew Marshall was heading into the battle rounds. In advance of the performance, the show ran backstory snippets…… Continue reading Leukemia Survivor Competes on The Voice

Blood Cancer and MRD Discussion

After my first successful chemotherapy regimen, I remember the meeting with my oncologist very well. My PET scan came back clear of disease. I was psyched. I was ready to celebrate! But my doctor was surprisingly guarded. Instead of using the word remission (the word I was saying over and over), she chose instead to…… Continue reading Blood Cancer and MRD Discussion

Find Your (Cancer) Tribe

If you’re newly diagnosed, you probably have a tribe already – your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. You may think you’re set with a robust support system in place. While your current tribe will be an important part of your cancer journey, trust me, it’s a different kind of clan you need now. You don’t…… Continue reading Find Your (Cancer) Tribe

Cutaneous Lymphoma: Later Stage Treatments Webinar

Coming up Friday, April 16, at 6:00 pm EDT the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (CLF) will hold an online webinar via Zoom discussing later stage treatments for this group of cancers. If you have CTCL, cutaneous b-cell lymphoma, any of the other cuteneous lymphomas, or one of the systemic cancers which manifests in the skin, the…… Continue reading Cutaneous Lymphoma: Later Stage Treatments Webinar

Stem Cell Transplant Survivor Symposium

The organizers – BMTinfonet.org – have named their week-long transplant survivor virtual education conference 2021 Celebrating a Second Chance Symposium. Starting this Saturday (April 17), it runs through next Friday. Wow! If you or a loved one have undergone a stem cell or bone marrow transplant, there’s bound to be something among the many sessions…… Continue reading Stem Cell Transplant Survivor Symposium