National Cancer Survivor Month 2021

Here we are in June already and National Cancer Survivor Month. It’s time to celebrate, folks!!

According to the American Cancer Society, there are some 16.9 million people living with cancer in the U.S. That’s a LOT of celebrating!

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are in the middle of chemo, receive doses of radiation daily, or have seen your cancer eradicated, we’re all survivors. This nasty disease hasn’t gotten the better of us just yet. Time to give a little shout of joy and thankfulness!

There have been numerous times over these past several years when I wasn’t sure where things were headed. I still don’t know for certain, so I’m taking it one day at a time – i.e. daily, like my meds.

In this case, though, I think I’ll take a whole month. A month of thankfulness and celebration. I hope you’ll join in.

If I can’t attend any parties or even hook into an online gathering, I still see a slice of some sort of celebratory tastiness in my future as well as moments of contemplation and grateful reflection.

I’m a survivor. You are too!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story! 🙏

    Real courage is not about going headstrong into a fight that you are confident of winning. Real courage is going headstrong into a fight and giving it your best shot despite knowing that you may lose it because the odds are against you. Your willingness to fight cancer – that is what real courage is all about.

    Happy National Cancer Survivor Month!!🥳

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