Personal Protective Equipment From My Storage Chest

The other day I was rummaging around a storage chest for an old book I needed to consult in a current work project. I won’t go into the details of the book – nothing too exciting, I assure you.

As I dug through my storage toward the target book, I ran across a small box holding a few pairs of old glasses (the optical kind). I hope you won’t judge me for having them. I paid good money for those frames, and fashion is cyclical. Not to mention the potential use as part of a costume. Anyway, I stopped to browse briefly and remind myself just how stylish I used to be. LOL

One of those pairs of glasses was from the mid ’80s. Hot stuff! Some of you may remember the decade of plastic frames and large lenses. I tried them on, and my prescription hasn’t changed (except for reading). Looking in the mirror and laughing, I realized something.

The glasses looked an awful lot like a small pair of goggles, perfect to add to my mask as a protective (albeit incomplete) barrier against the airborne pathogen we’re all tired of talking about. So, I plan to repurpose these ’80s classics as demi-goggles when I’m out and about. I’ll change into the current sleek, minimal pair for reading labels, etc. Too bad I didn’t remember them earlier.

Don’t be surprised if you see some guy out for a walk looking like he just came through a wormhole from 1984! Check them out.

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