The Covid Vaccine and Me

There has been a lot of chatter among the cancer patients I know about how the Covid-19 vaccines might affect them. Some have been worried side effects could be more virulent in people whose immune systems are already embattled. As a result, the message boards, online communities, and socially distant patient support groups have been filled with testimonials. Here’s mine, for what it’s worth!

I received my shots at an area clinic. They had turned several rooms into a vaccination delivery popup. The staff were courteous and efficient. Not surprisingly, there were a lot of folks there for the shot, so I will admit to mild concern over so many people in a small, enclosed space. But I was very happy to be getting the shot!

A couple of hours after I got home, I started running a low grade fever. I started feeling very tired and took a nap. By dinner, the fever had passed. The fatigue, though, hung on for roughly 2 days. The injection site was sore for a bit longer but wasn’t really much of a bother.

Because I received the Pfizer vaccine, I went back 3 weeks later. Again, the clinic administered my shot in a friendly and efficient manner. Once more, I started running a light fever shortly after returning home. This time it didn’t last long at all. As with the previous dose, I became noticeably tired, which made me want to nap. Yet it wasn’t enough fatigue for me to drop off in the middle of the day. I ended up soldiering through some work instead. Nothing physical, mind you. Just some projects on the computer that I definitely rechecked before submitting.

Overall, the aftermath of my second jab ran very close to the first experience. I realize that makes for a pretty boring tale, but all I can say about that is … SWEET! Boring is good, because I’ve already had plenty of excitement in the health department.

Now that I’m fully inoculated, I have to hope my little immune cells have produced all the antibodies I need to keep me safe for awhile. Of course, that’s another hot topic on the boards. Can a goofed up immune system successfully make enough antibodies to count? Especially for those of us with blood cancers, that’s a logical question.

I sincerely hope you’ve had or will have an equally uneventful yet effectual vaccination.

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